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How to Write an Essay – Best, Basic, and Easy Guide

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Good essay writing follows a structure. Make outline first, then build it. Basic structure has introduction, body, and conclusion. Decide the topic, then write thesis and main points.

The Process of Essay Writing in a Nutshell

A student may be given the task of writing an essay for various purposes. No matter what the title, all essays share a basic structure. The essay may be about arguing about a certain point or elaborating steps to accomplish a goal. Either way, basic format is the same.

Following some simple steps, you’ll find out that after you’ve adopted the right approach, the essay seems to be coming along itself. All you’ll do is come up with ideas, which is important for an essay anyway. Get started with the following essay writing tips:

Decide the topic of essay.
Get the ideas compiled in the form of a diagram or an outline
Write down the statement of thesis.
Prepare the essay’s body with main points and sub-points.
Build an overview and connect it to the thesis statement to form the introduction.
Conclude your ideas.

How to Decide the Topic In Any Case

There can be two options concerning the decision of your essay’s topic – you may choose it yourself or it’s just assigned to you. Even if you’ve got the topic already, you’ll need to think substantially before jumping over to the subsequent steps. First of all, think what kind of paper is it that you’ve been asked to produce.

In all types of essay writing, work is either general, or a detailed analysis of a specific subject. If it’s an overview, you can proceed with making the outline. In the case of an analysis, you need to ensure that the topic is specific enough. It may need revision to change it from general to a narrower version.

Let’s say you get an essay to write on Zimbabwe. You can easily guess that it’s quite broad. The topic will do fine if you have to just write an overview. But for specific analysis, it needs to be narrowed down to a particular aspect of the country e.g. ‘Performing Arts in Zimbabwe’ or ‘The Culture of Zimbabwe’. Once the suitability of the topic has been determined, you’re all set to move on.

If you are free to choose a topic of your choice, then first determine the essay’s purpose. Is it narrative, persuasive, argumentative, or reflective? After that, brainstorm ideas matching with that purpose. For best essay writing, choose a topic that you’d like to write about yourself because it will make it a more enjoyable writing experience.

Customize The Outline’s Content to The Essay’s Purpose

Next comes the making of outline. Following the structure shown in the steps to writing an essay, introduce ideas according to the essay’s purpose. If the essay is persuasive, write down points for arguments. If it’s about some process, write the steps to follow for it. For informative essays, determine the divisions into which it can be categorized.