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How to Write a College Essay Deserving of a Good Grade

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A concise guide on how to write a good college essay. Use hook and a hinge to connect background information to main point. Write in advance and review later.

How to Start a College Essay to Make the Reader Want More

The start of a college essay can be considered as it’s most important part. Fortunately, you can improve your ability to give your essay a perfect introduction by learning from sample essays and practicing writing yourself. Some essential components of a good start include:

A killer beginning line.
A vivid narration to effectively convey your insight.
A powerful hinge for the real point you want to make through the essay.

An Introduction to College Essays – What They Are?

It’s an application essay, sometimes termed as a statement of purpose. Prospective students write them while applying for colleges of their choice. They play a decisive role in the selection of the candidate in the program.

Key Points to Consider While Writing an Introduction

A great introduction is like a recipe that requires a set of ingredients. Their use in the right proportion gets the essay started in the best manner. To begin with, the first sentence should be a hook. It has to be so appealing that the reader can’t help but continue reading further.

Incorporate details using sensory information as you lead the reader through the events of your life making up the background of the real intended point and purpose of the essay. Use an insightful pivot to draw connection between the initial part comprising short story and the explanation of your learning from the experience and its positive impacts on you as a person that you lay out later. Here are some college essay tips to get you started in the right direction:

Base the essay on a subject that matters to you.
Reflect on the experiences rather than just recounting them.
Start writing days in advance.
Incorporate your own voice as you write.

Easy Tips to Write a College Essay the Right Way

If you have the privilege to choose a topic of your choice, select something like a book, a personality, or an experience. It should be a thing or incident that has affected you in life. It’s not that difficult to narrate the events of your life. What matters more in college essay writing is your ability to show that you gained important lessons from them and that they helped you change in positive ways.

Starting to write the essay days ahead of the submission time will give you the best college essay help. Write essay first, and leave it aside. Go through it a few days later, and try to criticize it as you think a reviewer would. This will help you look at the essay from angles you might not realize in the first setting.

As you revise, make sure that there is a logical flow in the ideas. The essay should show a good side of the applicant to the reviewer. Most important is to ensure that the essay has your own voice in it.

Best Sources of Information for a College Essay

Online sample essays are a must-read to get a good idea of writing. Draw information from such credible sources as books and journals. Articles from renowned databases are best to draw data from.